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Here is a list of common questions we are asked at the Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre:

Are your physiotherapy services only available to people that participate in sport?

Our specialist physiotherapists have extensive experience in treating all individuals from the elite population of sports to those that have sedentary jobs and may need physiotherapy as a result of it. We are able to use our high level of skills to assess and treat anyone. We do not restrict our services to those that only participate in sport as physiotherapy takes on a holistic approach when it comes to patient care.

What can I expect on my first appointment?

First appointments will always be an assessment regardless of if you have had physiotherapy in the past. An assessment will give the specialist the tools and information to successfully treat their clients. Through a subjective and objective assessment a diagnoses of a condition will be concluded and a thorough treatment plan will be tailor made. The specialist will be on hand for the process of the rehabilitation if you have questions.

How much physiotherapy will I need?

There are no set amounts of therapy sessions for any condition. Each and every patient presents differently so the exact amount of sessions is impossible to say. Although on diagnoses of a condition, our physiotherapists are experts within their fields and will be able to estimate how many treatment plans should be sufficient enough for their clients to return back to fully functional activities.

Are the physiotherapists qualified?

All of the physiotherapists have undergone all the relevant training and are highly qualified within their given field. The physiotherapists maintain their qualifications with great pride and have a wide range of skills that accompany them into their practice.

Can I refer myself to your clinic?

Yes, anyone is able to refer themselves to our clinic. You do not need to be seen by your GP first to be able to attend our clinic.

Should I bring along my medical notes and x-rays?

All relevant information related to the presenting condition will be able to help the physiotherapy make a thorough assessment.

Do I have to be on a waiting list for an appointment?

We do not have a waiting list as we are a firm believer in giving our clients the best opportunity to receive the very best and fastest appointments available. We maintain flexible diaries and can often see patients within 24 hours and usually on the same day.

What do I need to bring with me?

We provide all the equipment that is needed for your appointment. Comfortable clothing should be worn as the physiotherapist will need access to the affected area. Any past medical notes and x-rays you may have would be beneficial but not necessary if you do not have access to them.

To book an assessment with us please call 01733 890685 or e-mail info@physiosportsinjury-hampton.co.uk for further information.